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Letter Requesting Subsidy Increase : Template Letter

Dear Representative,

I am writing to ask for your help for our adopted special needs child  _____________.
____________ came into foster care at 19 months old, as a result of a report to the OCS office for an investigation.  The investigation revealed that __________’s birth-mother, ____________, was in a coma due to methadone abuse. It was alleged in the state’s report, that ___________ was a crack user and __________ was born addicted to crack.  When _____________ was found, she was living with her biological grandmother, but was horribly neglected. 

_____________’s foster parents were my son and his wife, __________ and ________. While in foster care, ___________ was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy SMA type II. This is a progressive degenerative disease that affects her muscles, spine, and respiratory system. This type of Muscular Dystrophy will get worse with age. After this diagnosis, ___________ was run through a battery of tests.  She was put on a Cough Assist Machine, an EZPAP device, a portable suction unit, Vest Therapy, a pulse oximeter, a bipap machine with 3% saline and twelve medications, four times a day. These treatments required around the clock care. When __________ and _________ were no longer able to be foster parents, my husband and I  took __________ into our home.

I talked to the case worker at the time, ________ ________, about fostering _________ until she found a family that would take her. The caseworker told me that the state would provide for _______’s care because she was diagnosed while in foster care. Traditionally, in an adoption situation, after adoption, the child continues to receive the same benefits so as to remove the financial disincentive of adopting an older, special needs child. By that point, __________’s birth mother had died, so the caseworker said that __________ could draw on her birth mother’s Social Security and she would also get Social Security disability payments. 

Because of her fragile medical state, her doctors have not wanted _________ in daycare. When she came into our family, I left both of my jobs to provide care for her. Since that time, we have filed for the Social Security benefits we were promised.  We were denied those benefits.  Our Social Security benefit claim was denied based on the biological mother’s lack of workhistory as well as on the level of our income.

When _________ was our foster child, we received a subsidy payment of $884 a month. Once our adoption was finalized, my subsidy payments were drastically reduced despite the nationally standard practice of continuing the same benefits the child was receiving while in foster care.

As it stands, I have no jobs, _________’s Social Security claims have been denied, __________ needs full time care, and we have used up our savings.  Customarily, the post adoption social worker handles filing the paperwork for the disability subsidy and Social Security benefits made to foster and adoptive parents, but we have been left to fend for ourselves. 

_________’s needs are great and will continue to be great.  I'm so afraid that my family won’t be able to provide for her without all the benefits we were promised.
We love ___________ with all our hearts. We are hoping, Representative ___________,that your office will be able to contact the department of social services and help us to get the benefits we so desperately need to provide for our daughter.

Thank you in advance,

The Adoptive Parents